It's not that I want you out of my head, but I also don't want you to keep popping up every now and then. It'll be nice to not have my chain of thoughts, ones that are not about you, broken for once. But I also don't want you, or your thoughts, to distance away … Continue reading YOU ARE MY PERSON

The Love Proposal

Hey you, How did you sleep last night? I didn't disturb your sleep, did I? I woke up and felt so grateful seeing you sleeping right there, next to me, with your hair all over your face, that I wanna write you this letter. I know it hasn't been too long, I could be overexaggerating … Continue reading The Love Proposal

Don’t be a Man!

For once in your life, if you can let go of the vastly misunderstood musculine thinking of yours and try to see how mountains look from her side of the river, then don't be a man. Be a human instead. If you can be that one woman who doesn't enjoy the island breeze of feminism, … Continue reading Don’t be a Man!


So let's talk about women. Those pretty ones living among us, helping us make children.. Okay, sorry, that came out wrong. A quote, a good one, yes. Let me start with that. Always a good idea, right? "I can't do this, I can't just be a wife. I don't undesrtand how anyone does it - … Continue reading Women!

The Love Queen!

A sequel to The Garaba Queen! It’s been over a week, nine days to be precise. And I can still feel her touch and her skin. The softness and the taste of her lips, and the way she sucked mine. Her magical curve and how my eyes enjoyed skiing over it that night. The warmth … Continue reading The Love Queen!

The Goodbye!

The Goodbye! The wind has changed its route, some of it chose either side of the house and some, killed themselves before it had to see her off. The only kind that does not have their eyes swelled up is innocent children, unaware of the scene. The lemon tree in the backyard, with a Gulmohar and a Banyan … Continue reading The Goodbye!

The Garaba Queen!

'What's wrong? You seem off today.' Riddhi asks, offering a small water bottle. Has she done something to her nails? She pokes on my neck, right behind my ears with the water bottle. 'No, nothing. But what's wrong with you? Who pokes like that? That stupid little bottle is too cold.' I shrug. She looks … Continue reading The Garaba Queen!

To the Girl I Loved!

“No, I don’t love you anymore.” And it felt like my world stopped for a few moments. My legs started to feel like the ones of an elephant. In an instant, the incidents that happened on our first meeting started to swirl across my eyes. The day when I first saw you emerging out from … Continue reading To the Girl I Loved!

Dear Little Sister!

Dear Little Sister, I will always be there for you. When you feel like the world is against you, I will be there for you. I may not be there to buy you new headphones when you break your forty-seventh one, but I will definitely be there when you need me. I will always be there … Continue reading Dear Little Sister!

The Last Time!

‘Remember the first time we were here? After that long, tiring day. When was that? We had come back from somewhere, I can’t actually—’ ‘You never remember anything. It was from your backpack shopping. Oh wait, not shopping actually, we didn’t buy anything, did we?’ She made the face – a face she makes every … Continue reading The Last Time!